Greenlawn Films

Currently, Greenlawn Films is not accepting new clients, but we hope to do so again in the future, so please check back.

Joe Gleason, Elizabeth Grams and Sean Connolly began producing films together in 2010 as part of the communications office of the People of Praise Christian community. They have created dozens of films, including more than 40 internet marketing videos for Trinity Schools, highlighting many aspects of Trinity’s classical, Christian approach to education. Their music video “Revive This Land” has been seen over 21,000 times on YouTube. Their work has led to an appearance on an internationally broadcast TV program (The Harvest Show) and has been publicized across the Internet. In April of 2013, they adopted the name Greenlawn Films so they could bring their marketing and filmmaking expertise to a broad range of clients, especially businesses and private schools. The People of Praise, an ecumenical, charismatic, Christian community based in South Bend, Indiana, sponsors Greenlawn Films.